Comedy anthology series of self-contained-narrative episodes featuring a core cast and a guest star each.  Core cast plays different parts in the series, however, one character trespasses from one episode into the next creating a chain reaction.  A gang of fearless, candid, pansexual, witty, 60+ darlings, fucking with the norm and loving it. They ignore age, ignore aches and pains and focus on changing perceptions in a society that has stereotyped them. Each bOLD story takes you down a humorous alley of discovery and slaps you at the very end with an unexpected twist.

Our heroes are not always righteous, in fact they are corrupted, headstrong, and downright deviant.  The engine of the series runs on the stories and the trespassing character that carries the series forward.  Love, sex, revenge, provocation, political correctness and religion, to name but a few, are themes explored in the series.

For our b.olders, ageing is great - and not only when bottled. Experience is their aphrodisiac and they use it accordingly whether they’re predators, victims or saviours. bOLD is a short, punchy, revealing brain-tease. This is not a black or white comedy,  it’s a grey comedy against ageism, perfect for the sensitivities of 2021 with a recognisable older cast and a culturally diverse younger one that will cleverly merge to create a series reflecting Britain tomorrow.


TV Series