One Track Mind

Written & Directed by Katerina Philippou-Curtis
Jane Asher as Alice

In a packed commuter train, Jack, 60s, finds a seat opposite Alice, 70s. They steal glances at each other until Alice takes her chance and asks him one question that leaves everyone gasping. What follows is so shocking that any polite person shouldn't be engaging, but sod it, they all do. 

In this comedy against ageism, we are invited for an unusual ride. Like wine that gets better with age, our characters help reminding us that there is nothing sexier than the ’mind’. Even youth pales compared to these two. 

Bill Fellows as Jack

One Track Mind (OTM)  stars the supremely talented Jane Asher, Bill Fellows and Angus Kennedy.

Our society is obsessed with youth and beauty. What was once real is now enhanced by filters on apps and surreal morphs of one's face, while communication skills take a back seat. Older people are marginalised and misrepresented and they shouldn't. The crux of One Track Mind is to show how fun can be to be old. How free, daring and carefree older people can be as opposed to the younger generation who live their life mainly bent over their devices failing to notice important little things. Alice is an extraordinary woman, played perfectly by the legendary Jane Asher, who infused her own charisma and free spirit into the role.



Short Film

Comedy, 17 min

Written & Directed by Katerina Philippou-Curtis