About Marriage

Thoughtful and provocative drama about Europe's current sociopolitical crisis told through the allegory of a crumbling and twisted marriage.

Europe, the wife, trapped in a boom and bust relationship with her young and immature husband Rich, feels lost and disconnected from reality. Unable to deal with his sexual demands and the tragedy that has occurred because of his misconduct, Europe embarks on a journey within her mind to find herself. 

On her way she’ll meet the people that have haunted and affected her marriage: Rich’s decadent mother, his corrupted friends, his innocent victims and most importantly his domineering lover Adam - a man who seems to dictate the fate of many, including hers. The film is a visual diary of a woman’s thought-process towards divorce.  

It’s dense and meaningful, with surrealistic overtones that reflect her subconscious.  It attempts to blend the personal with the global.

The narrative unfolds across two threads: 
a) The black and white reality, which takes place inside the couple's penthouse and b) Colourful, beautiful, challenging exteriors where Europe faces her fantasies and fears. 

The black and white section reflects the intrinsic nature of Europe (closed off, troubled and torn) while the latter portrays her  true nature (hopeful, loving, misunderstood). 

The view from their penthouse changes constantly.  From Paris to Athens and from New York to London, the cities reflecting the sociopolitical parallels of their marriage.

The trailer is shown below. 

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Marriage Trailer

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Character Snippet

Larry represents Wall Street, need we say more?

Behind the Scenes

A short documentary on the shoot in 2012.