Some breakdown videos from Marriage

Marriage VFX Breakdowns

We've collected a few vfx breakdowns from Marriage and put them all on this page. Hopefully we'll add more as well.

Our first is a virtual Brussels shown outside the window with Miranda sitting in front. This was a late shot in the production and we shot the plates for this in our living room against some greenscreen (which wasn't quite big enough). We used a piece of glass in front to help with reflections. The source background was a still photo. The wind, rain and fog were stock elements but the rain on the glass was digitally created within Nuke. The eagle eyed viewer will notice that the flags, created and animated in Modo, are actually flying the wrong way compared to the window near the window. I would like to add that it's because the wind is whipping round in a circle due to the unseen buildings. And i will stick to that excuse. 

Our second video is a scene of rioting outside the window, set in a plaza in Greece. Again the background is all stock photography and the crowd is just a small collection of extras that we rearranged and shot in groups. The same shoot had perspex and glass with fists against windows and the plates for the crowd scenes were shot very late and with very little time. The concept behind the shot was about density of people which is why they are so packed. In order to be able to add interactive lighting I used the idea of embossing channels based on their outlines to make the 2D plates have some 3D edges to pick up edge lighting and combined with some deep rendered fog I was able to comp the smoke in layers and add a degree of lighting across the crowd. At this point we had to make the Smoke using the particle system in Nuke and rendered out these layers with deep data. We added a stock movie of a helicopter and explosion and the whole piece was designed to be used in B&W - it's somewhat surreal rather than fully realistic by design.



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