Welcome to our Marriage

Welcome to the first post in the production blog for our feature film, Marriage. We will start posting retrospectively as we kept a diary during the preproduction and production, as you can imagine during these phases we had little or no spare time except to make scant notes and grab some stills and footage. Right now principle photography has been completed and we're in the post production phase, this gives us a chance to breath and also begin to post behind-the-scenes and thoughts on both the creative and technical process for pulling a low budget independent feature together.

This blog will take you through the gestation and production of the movie, and will lead us well into 2014 as we complete the rather heavy post production schedule.

Please sign up for updates, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebookand drop us an email if you're interested in any aspect of the production. marriage@inventome.com

The posts will be tagged with various concepts like writing, preproduction, tech, reviews etc,. and you can navigate through them using the sidebar menu. The focus of the blog is on Marriage but also on overall approaches, techniques and tech that surround the indie moviemaking process.

Keep checking back!


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