AirBox Softbox lights for LEDs

Airbox Softbox light in use

This is such a simple but elegant idea that i'm kicking myself that I didn't come up with it! The AirBox light solves one of the more annoying issues with all those LED panels out there -- how to diffuse the light so it's actually soft. Without any form of diffusion the hundreds of little LEDs combine to produce fairly harsh light and ropey shadows. Most LED Panels allow for some diffusion to be attached to the front but it's a little too close to the panel itself and doesn't always produce that nice a result.

So AirBox lights are simple and inflatable softboxes. They ship as tiny slivers of plastic, blow them up and attach them to your panel with velcro (being inflatable they're very light) you have an instant softbox. It works really well. There is also a pocket at the front to slide in gels and so on. Finally there is an optional eggcrate that will help shape the light a little, this too is attached via velcro.

Airbox Close up

There are two models shipping right now, one for the tiny on camera LEDs and the one we have here, which is for the larger ones (between 4 and 8 inches wide). Shortly there will be a model for the wider panels (up to 12 inches wide) and then an additioanl one for the 1 x 1 panels.

You can't really say much more than that. When you see one being blown up there's an 'ah ha' moment and you realise how cool the idea is.

The image below shows without and with. The with has a gel on it too, which is perhaps a little unfair but the difference in modelling of the light is very obvious.

Comparison with and without the Airbox


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